19th International Conference on Perspectives in
Business Informatics Research

Artificial Intelligence in Business Informatics

Announcement from the BIR 2020 Organization Team

Dear members of the BIR Conference community,

Considering the current global situation and associated challenges regarding the organization of events with physical attendance at University of Vienna, the BIR 2020 Organization Team made a decision to postpone the conference. The BIR 2021 edition will be extended with a "BIR 2020 day" - where authors whose papers will be accepted during this year's ongoing review process will have the chance to present and discuss their work. In order to support those who submitted their valuable work to BIR 2020, the peer review process will continue normally, in order to publish the volume of accepted papers with Springer in the planned timeframe.

For each accepted paper, a registration must be made with a fee of 150 EUR. It will cover the inclusion of the paper in this year's volume and the participation to next year's "BIR 2020 day". The BIR conference series has always stimulated knowledge exchange, networking and collaboration between its community members, therefore we adopted this plan as a more viable option than having a virtual event. We are thankful for the trust invested in BIR 2020 and we are looking forward to meeting you at next year's extended event. In the meanwhile, we will proceed with the peer review process as announced.

Best regards,
The BIR 2020 Organization Team

Welcome to BIR 2020

Theme: Artificial Intelligence in Business Informatics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) drastically changes the way we employ technology, design information systems and allocate human labor in the context of digital transformations. AI also shifts perspectives in Business Informatics Research, which has been traditionally concerned with how different forms and degrees of automation can support or evolve enterprise information systems. The two fundamental pillars of Artificial Intelligence – machine learning and knowledge engineering – converge towards new streamlining possibilities, with transformative results in areas such as business process automation, human-computer interaction, context-aware or capability-aware enterprise information systems.

From its very inception the BIR conference focused on opening perspectives and stimulating new roadmaps for Business Informatics, considering both fundamental research and key application areas (e.g., Industry 4.0, Smart cities, e-Government). Large scale AI adoption brings disruptions that must be met by Business Informatics research with novel methods and tools, to ensure a triple-win for enterprises, employees and the societal environment in which they act.

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